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On March 23, 2001 my father died suddenly from a heart attack. He was 62 years old. It's been hard on me. My wife suggested that I go see a therapist that specializes in helping people grieve. I didn't want to go. After continuing to break down a lot, I decided that going to a psychologist might not be such a bad idea after all, so I went. Among other things, the therapist asked me what I would say to my father if he was with us in the room. This is what I had to say:

"Dad, I really miss you. I love you. I know that we had a good relationship, and I know that you knew how I loved you. I just wish that I told you more often."

Why this site?

I don't know; I'm not sure. I do know that I felt a little more able to deal with the horrible finality of my father's death after visiting the psychologist. So I started thinking that other people who are going through a similar experience might feel a little better if they could articulate a thought to their dad. So, I invite you to contribute. If your dad passed away and you want to say something to him, just email me your message and I will post it on this site.

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e-mails I've received so far:

Hi Dad. I miss you so much! Yesterday was my Birthday, and I really wish you were with me. I want you to know that you are the best Dad anyone can have. You were always there for me. I love you and I will never forget you.
Love your Baby Girl

I miss you so much papasan. I want to talk to you, hear your voice, and tell you how the kids are doing. It's only been 6 weeks but I feel some days its been forever. Why Why Why? Why did you smoke so much-------Why couldn't the doctors do more, why didn't I tell you every day that I loved you so much. Somebody help me in this time of need!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Dad,
Tomorrow is Father's Day. I won't be able to call you and tell you I love you, and that hurts so very, very much. I wanted you to know that the other night during choir practice, as I sang I was sure heard your voice -- not mine -- coming out of my mouth; that you were singing through me. You will always sing through me, Dad, and through everyone else who loved you. While I miss you terribly, I know you are still with me. I write this e-mail through tears of pain and sorrow, but also through tears of love and hope. I will always love you Dad, and that love will keep you alive in my heart. Your loving son, Steve


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February 2010: I just created a Facebook group called "I Miss My", you may want to post your letter to the wall. I feel that this is a great improvement over the web version because there will be an interactive component to your experience. Having run this website over a decade (wow, how time flies...), I know that most people that post also want to talk with others who are grieving. With the magic of Facebook that will now be possible. Your choice.

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January 2012: For those that like to read on their Kindles, I have placed the first couple of hundred letters on a kindle ebook.

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